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Koinonia No Doubt


Thomas was born October 5, 2003.  From the moment Thomas was born he was adventurous and full of life.  He is better known around here as Thomas/Tigger the King of Bouncing J


Thomas was the first pup out of the whelping box, the first to play tug, the first to chase a ball, eat a shoe, to find the toy box, to discover the dishwasher, he was a rough and tumbling puppy, normal in all respects.  It wasn’t until he was 7 weeks old that we discovered that there was a problem.  It was during an ophthalmologist visit that we were told Thomas was blind.  We really had no idea he had any kind of vision problem, we did know that one of his eyes seemed to be smaller then the other, but he never let on he could not see us. 


Thomas has a condition that is called, Microphthalmia – a congenital defect resulting in an abnormally small eye or eyes.  The cause is unknown.  Microphthalmia typically results in blindness or reduced vision.  To the best of knowledge by the Veterinarians that have seen Thomas his disability is NOT genetic. Thomas does have some vision now as the cataracts that were blocking his sight have slightly dissolved giving him a pinhole look at life. 


I want to leave you with this message…most of us are blessed with clear vision to see all there is to see, but often miss the true beauty of God great earth. There are a few that are given a pinhole view of life and live within the beauty of God’s blessings.  Through God’s gift of Thomas I have learned to see the true beauty of life everywhere I look. 


To all breeders of dogs, if you are ever faced with the choice to let a blind puppy go, remember Thomas, and all he truly sees. Thomas is alive and happy because we had “No Doubt”.